Hungarian Brand Salami - Teli, approx. 0.8lb

by Bende
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Bende Hungarian Brand Salami - Teli, approx. 0.8lb

Hungarian salami is the best known and considered by many to be the most savory. The Old World Flavor tradition is preserved while combining it with the very highest standards of quality. Teli (which means "winter" in Hungarian) is so called because prior to the advent of modern refrigeration, salami could only be made during the winter months. Made in the USA following authentic traditional Hungarian recipes and methods, this salami is characterized by a fine and precise checkerboard cross-section. Its mild taste is achieved by lightly blending the finest spices with the highest quality meats. If a light "tang" is preferred, then TELI salami is the one for you. 

Ingredients: pork, salt, corn syrup solids, spice, dextrose, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrate, flavoring lactic acid starter culture, smoke. 

Made in USA


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