Kimbo Nespresso Capsule Variety Package

by Kimbo
SKU 8002200145613

Kimbo Nespresso Capsule Variety Package

Kimbo Nespresso Capsule Variety Package includes one box of each of the following. 

  • Kimbo Napoli 10pk
  • Kimbo Intenso 10pk
  • Kimbo Armonia 10pk

Kimbo Espresso Napoli Nespresso Capsules 10pk

A selection of premium Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America and the finest Robusta beans from Asia. A well-balanced, full-bodied, sweet coffee with aromas of pleasant floral notes and fresh baked biscuits.

  • Intensity: 10

Nespresso* Napoli Scale

Kimbo Espresso Intenso Nespresso Capsules 10pk

A dark-roasted coffee that is reminiscent of the typical Neopolitan tradition. An intense aroma with a full body and a lingering aftertaste with notes of dark chocolate.

  • Intensity: 12

Kimbo Espresso Armonia Nespresso Capsules 10pk

A 100% Arabica coffee with an exquisite aroma that evokes fresh flowers that is balanced by subtle notes of toasted bread.

  • Intensity: 9

Capsules compatible with Nespresso* Original Line machines.

*Nespresso is a trademark of a third party without any link with kimbo or Piccolo.

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