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Filippi Panettone Classic Damerino, 35.27 oz | 1 kg

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by Filippi

Filippi Panettone Classic

For this cake of Christmas parties, soft inside and with the typical irregular alveolation of natural leavening, no artificial aroma. Only the natural sweetness of honey, of Australian raisins and the citrus freshness of candied Washington orange cubes.

  • Classic panettone with raisins and candied citrus peel
  • Net weight: 35.27 oz - 1 kg
  • Product of Italy

The Damerino Panettone Classic

 The Damerino Panettone Classic is the most traditional of the Filippi’s panettone. To make it special are the natural sweetness of honey, the Australian raisins and the citrus freshness of the cubes of Washington Orange candied peels in a natural way.

 The traditional Christmas cake of Filippi has a soft interior, thanks to the cold centrifuged butter; the dough shows the typical irregular honeycomb distinctive of a natural leavening and the yellow color invites you to taste at first sight! 

The secret of Filippi Artisan Panettoni lies in the research and careful selection of raw materials, with the addition of only Madagascar Bourbon vanilla powder. 

Every stage of Filippi production requires attention and time. We must learn to slow down in order to observe the environment circumstances and our actions in time and space... artisan pastry is a matter of balance. 

Filippi artisan panettone are mixed with memories of the genuine aromas and flavors of our childhood.