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About Us

The story of Piccolo's Gastronomia begins in a small village near Naples known as Somma Vesuviana, situated in the coastal region of Campania, near the famed Mt. Vesuvius.

Growing up in this tradition-rich Italian village, our founder, Franco Piccolo, learned first-hand the importance of hard work and dedication to one's craft, particularly in regard to the preparation of genuine, specialized cuisine, for which the Old Country is renowned. Franco learned that where quality and authenticity are concerned, there are no compromises. In mastering the art of making fine italian cheese, Franco discovered there were indeed no shortcuts, and to this day, he wants no one else around while he's "working" the cheese.

In 1973, Franco Piccolo emigrated to the United States, settling in northern New Jersey, where he sought to grow a business servicing the dietary needs of the large local Italian- American population. He soon had an Italian deli up and running, and quickly gained a reputation for producing a delicious fresh mozzarella. The unmistakable Piccolo commitment flourished just as it had back home in Italy.

As Franco's business grew during the 1980's, the idea for expansion beyond a traditional deli came about. The thinking went, why not establish a fully-stocked authentic Italian supermarket along with an Italian deli, and therefore fill all the shopping needs for those longing for the taste of genuine Italian food specialties?

The idea soon came to fruition, as Franco's Italian deli was closed and a beautiful "supermercato" emerged. Piccolo's Gastronomia officially opened in 1993, and has since been providing residents of the area with Italian food specialties scarcely available elsewhere in North America. From Franco's famous mozzarella and other fresh Italian cheese, Italian deli meats, and breads, to authentic imported sauces, oils, coffees, and dolci (sweets), not to mention loads of pasta, Piccolo's offers everything imaginable for the Italian connoisseur, including assorted gift baskets.

At last Franco's dream has gone digital, and Piccolo's is now supplying customers throughout the continental United States and Canada with the same splendid service and products it has been providing locals since 1993.

We invite you to come visit us or contact us if you have questions about our products or services.

We hope you enjoy shopping Piccolo's Gastronomia.....your source for authentic Italian food. Buon Appetito!