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Please Note: Before shipping, each machine undergoes testing, so it may contain leftover water or coffee.

Do you need assistance for your Frog Revolution?
Find here instructions, guides and tutorials to make best use of your coffee pod machine.

Need help?

If I notice water leaks from the cup holder during coffee dispensing?

  • Check that the extraction chamber is properly tightened and consequently the lever is locked in the closed position. It also checks that the gasket located in the upper part of the extraction chamber is intact.

If I forgot to remove the pod after the coffee was dispensed and it stuck?

  • Don't try to rip it! Let the water flow from the dispenser for 3 seconds: the pod will come off on its own.

If the indicator lamp does not light up, what do I do?

  • Make sure that the plug is correctly inserted in the socket and that the ignition switch on the back of the machine is on "1".