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Morabito produces all sorts of Olives and Antipasto for over 40 years with tastes and flavors that are typical of the Calabrian and Italian tradition. Their flagship is the wide range of Table Olives, some of which with a registered trademark, such as Bariolé®. A perfect union between innovation and tradition for unique products with an unmistakable taste. The quality, variety and tradition of Morabito Olives, now in a new complete range for food service and retail. Through the new Stabilo Pack, Morabito takes the flavor of the Italian tradition on everyday tables. A rich variety of whole, pitted and marinated olives to satisfy any palate. Produced with care and passion of whom has been producing olives for over 40 years, taking care of the taste and packaging innovation. With olivé®, you put on the table the best of Italian olives. Morabito’s product range is completed with a line of antipasto and tapenade with a rich taste, typical of Calabrian tradition.
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Morabito Baked Black Olives, Olive Nere al Forno, 5 lb 8 oz | 2500g


Morabito Baked Black Olives, Olive Nere al Forno Perfect to enrich salads, and meat dishes too, baked olives are olives with a fleshy pulp and a st...

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