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Sapori di Casa

The Nardelli family cultivates the land and is passionate about agriculture for several generations. The grandparents and great-grandparents of the young brothers Bernardino and Francesco were farmers, harvesting olives and cherries in the land that they are still taking care of today. Thanks to a particular attention to the organic farming procedures, Sapori di Casa offers a wide range of simple products processed and packaged with genuine recipes, inherited from the local gastronomic tradition and handed down for generations.
Thanks to the university studies of the two Nardelli brothers, today the company has added to the cultivation also the food production of jams and preserves, made with zero-kilometer vegetables harvested exclusively near Conversano, in Puglia. The company also produces all that is necessary for preserves, including extra virgin olive oil. To these are added the ready sauces, made with local tomatoes boiled immediately after harvest, paté and cherry fruit juices.
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Sapori di Casa Extra Strawberry Jam, 11.28 oz | 320g

Sapori di Casa

Sapori di Casa Extra Strawberry Jam. EXTRA STRAWBERRIES JAMThe strawberries from the countryside taste differently form the ones from the supermark...

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