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Belgian Chocolate Thins, Dark Chocolate, 4.4 oz | 125g

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Belgian Chocolate Thins, Dark 125g

These days it rarely happens that a completely new and unique chocolate product is so quickly embraced by millions of consumers around the globe. Belgian Chocolate Thins have a universally recognizable shape and are made of the highest quality Belgian Chocolate – milk or dark. Crispy rice puffs are added to the product which gives consumers a crunchy, light & awesome experience.

To satisfy the individual taste of each consumer, different flavors are available. Check them out in more detail.
  • Net weight: 4.4 oz (125 g)

Customer Reviews

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I’m disappointed that so many thins are broken. That hasn’t been true in the past. Also they don’t have that rich chocolate color which tells me how fresh they are. This lot has the kind of dullness that occurs when chocolate has either been refrigerated for some time, or they’ve been sitting around too long on the store shelf. I must say that I was extremely happy with the help and service I got from the store. I love these cookies and wish I could be more complimentary.