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Beretta Cotechino Approx. 1.15 lb

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Beretta Cotechino

Customer Reviews

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Not a Cotechino

This is not a real Cotechino. We are born and raised Italy but live in USA and we were sooooo disappointed!!! This item is horrendous…not even close to the real Cotechino that comes in the box. I am glad we tried one on Christmas Day as I would have been even more disappointed and upset on New Year’s Eve. I would not recommend this product to anyone! I ended up tossing it as the flavor is awful. I am bothered I will have to toss the other one as well and just waisted money! :(

Michael G.
It's a cooked salami, not a cotechino

Let me be 100% honest here.
I ate many cotechino in Italy, you cut it thick and, it melts in your mouth. I've never found a decent one in the US.
I've paid double of this Beretta for fresh ones at Italian butchers around NYC.
All of them ended up breaking during the first minutes of cooking and believe me, I know how to cook it, it wasn't because of my incompetence.
All were, basically, a cooked salami with a rubberish consistency.
The worst, the one from Eataly, avoid that place.
As for this specific one.
This Beretta already had the "skin" broken on a tip.
However, it's already cooked thus it has to be warmed for near 20 minutes, not one/two hours like a fresh one, a small hole it's not supposed to be a big issue.
I hoped it had a minimum of the "melts in your mouth" I was used to but, no, another rubberish cooked salami. You need to cut it very thin to appreciate it.
The taste.
It tastes exactly like every (except for the Eataly one that was rubbish) fresh cotechino I bought around $30 in renowned NYC Italian butchers.
Don't waste your money and buy this one at a better price than the fresh one but, remember, it looks like but it's not a cotechino.

Deborah S

The closest thing to a “real” cotechino that you can find in the US. I wished it wasn’t that expensive, especially knowing how much they cost in Italy, but those are those luxury in life that one need to overcome, at least once a year!