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Serrats White Tuna (ALBACORE) in olive oil, 5.75 oz

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Serrats White Tuna (ALBACORE) in olive oil.

White Tuna (Albacore) loins carefully selected by "Serrats" Preserves, in olive oil and packaged in a glass jar.

The White Tuna (Albacore) or "Thunnus Alalunga" is captured, one by one, in the Gulf of Biscay and in the best moment of the season respecting the traditional fishing tackle. Because its aroma, its refined taste, its smooth white meat and its properties, White Tuna (Albacore) composes the elitist range of the tuna fish.

  • Net weight 5 4/5 oz
  • Drained Weight: 4 3/8 oz
  • Product of Spain

Ingredients: White tuna, Olive oil, Salt