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We are happy to report that we will begin shipping all pre-orders on Monday Dec 5th.
We are happy to report that we will begin shipping all pre-orders on Monday Dec 5th.


De Cecco Bucatini, Perciatelli, #15 1 LB | 453g

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SKU 024094070152
by DeCecco

DeCecco Perciatelli (Bucatini) #15 1 LB

Bucatini are originally from Naples and are long strands of pasta with a round pierced section They are between 0.038"- 0.042" thick, with a 0.118" diameter. Well known are the Bucatini all'Amatriciana, a bacon tomato - based sauce. However this versatile pasta cut is suitable for butter, meat, cheese and egg- based sauces. Excellent also with vegetable- based sauces made with tomato, peppers, aubergines, olives and capers.

  • Net Weight:  1 LB | 453g
  • Cooking time: 11 min - Al dente: 9 min

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
morton dagawitz

having had a roman mother i love bucatini and de cecco is just fine

Dennis Nickell

Super service. Well packaged. Authentic pasta. Even after 30 minutes in sauce, still al dente.

Ralph V
Authentic Pasta

Friendly customer service. Arrived as promised with each box lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap

Donald Woods
Deluxe packaging

No store in local area has had Bucatini for months and it is the only round pasta we will use. Was afraid I was going to have to make Dr. Evil even richer when I found Piccolo's. Order processed promptly, S&H costs were reasonable but each box wrapped in its own cocoon of bubble wrap proved these folks really care about and take pride in their product. Would have added infinite stars if possible.

Betty Blagdon
My first review ever!

My Bucatini arrived in good condition. As noted by previous commenters it is hard to find. The pandemic has not made it easier. I was so pleased to find it at Piccolo's I looked up there physical location. Wish I lived closer but if I am ever in the area at sometime in the future I will make it a point to go there. Until then I will shop their site online.