Hoboken Eddie's Apple Brandy BBQ, 14 oz

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Hoboken Eddie's Apple Brandy BBQ

Rich, Brandy laced, Spicy & Smokey

Apple Brandy BBQ is everything that’s good about the mother sauce (Homemade BBQ) but it's infused with apple brandy.  It’s absolutely dandy!

 Award winning! The mother sauce-rich, thick, and smokey. Excellent for grilling ribs, chicken and corn on the cob, marinate pork chops and London broils. Great for enhancing bean soups, and Manhattan chowders.

  • Net weight: 14 oz

What's so special about Eddie's sauces?  Chef Edmund Patrick "Hoboken Eddie" McCarthy starts with the highest quality, fresh, all natural ingredients and mixes them with a secret array of herbs and spices to conjure up his taste bud-tantalizing sauces.  Never thickened with cornstarch or xanthan gum, you can taste the difference. There are no animal products, fats or oils. 

 Chef Eddie, a master chef and certified caterer, takes his sauces very seriously.  He's spent years devising and concocting his brews.  Once you taste 'em, you'll be craving 'em!

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