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LaMonica Scungilli Sliced Conch, 29 OZ. Can

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LaMonica Original Scungilli

A staple of Italian-American Cuisine, our Original Scungilli is made from wild-caught, fresh conch harvested in the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. After it is hand-plucked and sliced, our Scungilli is fully-cooked to deliver a tender meat.

La Monica Scungilli is a large mollusk with spiral shells, found along the Italian shoreline. Out of the can, LaMonica Scungilli are delicious in salad with sun dried tomatoes, olives, and capers. Simmered in marinara sauce, hot tomato sauce or wine sauce, Scungilli are great over pasta or risotto. Finely chopped, these LaMonica canned Scungilli are perfect for conch fritters.

Conch (Scungilli), Water, Salt, Sodium Bisulfite (to Preserve Color), Calcium Disodium Edta (to Preserve Color).

  • Net Weight: 29 OZ. Can

Customer Reviews

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hubert meunier

The honest truth is that your scungili are very bland, almost tasteless. I buy fresh scunguli in Rhode Island; they are a different animal : intense, succulent. and mouth- watering. Anyone who is satisfied with yours have not had the real thing. I can only speculate that yours come from somewhere in the South Islands.They are really not very good. Sorry, I am not being mean spirited, but you asked. H. Meunier

Nicholas Pensabene
The best scungili ever

Nuff said!

Emil Annattone

The Scungille is very good I like it an thank you. But the next time I order it will be with Amazon I get free shipping you don’t have that but you have things that I like.

Charles Laudadio, MD, MBA

I was able to purchase San Monica Scungilli from this site. I used to be able to get it when I lived in Brooklyn but in the suburbs of Philadelphia it impossible to find

Yonok Gaines

Very well packed and deliver on time !
Good price also,