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Paneangeli Lievito "Pane Degli Angeli" (Italian Yeast) 1 Box

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Paneangeli Lievito "Pane Degli Angeli" (Italian Yeast) 1 Box

Yeast BREAD of ANGELS is the ancestor of the great "family" PANEANGELI. Today all tubes confectioner who love play in the kitchen preparing delicious cakes, can take advantage of the complicity of LEAVEN BREAD of ANGELS vaniglinato for sweets, a leavening agent of modern conception to mascarpone: simply add it to the dough, put the whole thing in the oven already hot ... and you're done!

With over 60 years of tradition and experience the yeast BREAD of ANGELS ensures a perfect result every time and enriches all the desserts with a delicate fragrance of vanilla. Unmistakable in its beautiful green confection sea and sky blue, the yeast BREAD of ANGELS evokes the magic and purity-related degli angeli, uncontested symbols of the brand itself: they are the real allies of those who like to make sweets for themselves and for their loved ones.

Box Containing 10 packs of 16g envelopes (box 160g)

Product of Italy