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Parmacotto Prosciutto Cotto Italiano, Approx. 16.5 lb

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Parmacotto Prosciutto Cotto Italiano (cooked Ham)

It is a high-quality cooked ham. An excellent product obtained from an Italian thigh of the highest quality.  Pork leg, salt, a few flavors and a cooking method excluding all ingredients that are not simply “ham”: these elements make Parmacotto the excellence of the cooked ham.

Gluten Free! No MSG Added! No dairy additives! 

  • No M.S.G.
  • This Prosciutto Cotto weighs approximately 16 to 17 pounds.

Please note: That every Prosciutto Cotto are often not exactly the indicated weight; we'll therefore always ship you a Prosciutto Cotto that is closest to the indicated weight.

  • Product of Italy

Please note: This product must be shipped next day air in summer months, 2 days air in winter months. If next day air or 2nd day air is not selected we are not responsible if product does not arrive fresh.