Perugina Baci Dark Chocolate Easter Egg w/ 4 Baci, 9.38oz

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Perugina Baci Dark Chocolate Easter Egg w/ 4 Baci 9.38oz

A decadent hollow dark chocolate egg wrapped in colorful Easter foil packaging Inside the egg is a surprise for all to enjoy 9.38 oz chocolate egg.

Imported from Italy

This authentic dark chocolate egg is ideal for any chocolate lover during Easter. Made by the maker's of Baci chocolates you know the highest quality of chocolate will be delivered to your door step. A lot of fun for the kids during this holiday, includes 4 Baci inside.

Net weight: 9.38oz

Please be advise we do not take any responsibility for any chocolate eggs arriving broken. All eggs are inspected for damages before packing and no refund will be issued for and item broken in transit.

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