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Rebecchi Ammonia For Sweets, Ammoniaca Per Dolci e Biscotti, 2 pk, 40g

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Rebecchi Ammonia For Sweets, Ammoniaca Per Dolci e Biscotti

Ammonia for desserts is a salt that, with the combination of water present in the dessert and the heat of the oven, turns into carbon dioxide, thus allowing leavening.
Ammonia for desserts reacts completely at 106 ° C. It is not suitable for wet mixtures such as cake, plum cakes, muffins, cupcakes and various kinds of pies as the ammonia does not come out completely from the product during cooking. Instead, it is very suitable for biscuits and shortbread, giving them a fragrant and crunchy texture.

  •   Baking agent in powder form
  •   To obtain sweets with a solid and crunchy consistency
  •   Gives a large and irregular cavity
  •   Ideal for dry desserts and for a long time
  • Pack of 2 bags of 20 g