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Rocchetta Water 1.5L

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Rocchetta Natural Italian Spring Water

Rocchetta is an exceptionally light and pure natural mineral water, which stimulates diuresis and helps to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body. The low concentration of solids in this water helps to normalise the saline-fluid replacement processes, thereby shifting sodium connectives and thus helping to reduce localised fat deposits. For this reason, it is also recommended in low salt diets. This is why Rocchetta is the ultimate beauty water.

Rocchetta is a natural spring water from Umbria in Italy. One of the leading Italian brands, Rocchetta has a low mineral content and a clean, fresh taste. Daily consumption of Rocchetta is particularly recommended for cleansing the organism of toxins and impurities, so improving skin tone and texture. Rocchetta water is also available in a sparkling version called “Brio Blu Rocchetta”.

Rocchetta delicately mineralised water, exceptionally pure and light, stimulates diuresis therefore having a cleansing effect, ridding the body of toxins and impurities. The low concentration of solids in this water helps to normalise the saline-fluid replacement processes,so shifting excess sodium connectives, one of the main causes of cellulites and localised deposits. For these reasons it is also recommended for those following a low salt diet. Thanks to these detox properties, Rocchetta is the ultimate beauty water.

  • Natural Spring Water
  • Contains Natural Minerals. Sodium Free.
  • Net: 1.5 Liter Plastic Bottle
  • Product of Italy

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