Sapori Almond Ricciarelli, Mandorla, 7.05 oz

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Sapori Almond Ricciarelli, Mandorla, 7.05 oz

The almond-flavored Ricciarelli are named after Ricciardetto della Gherardesca who, returning from the Crusades, brought back to Tuscany some almond paste sweets which were immediately unquestioned success. Even today, almonds are slowly ground in stone to make the dough soft and delicate and ready to be covered with a sweet layer of sugar.

  • Net Weight: 200g  - 7.05 oz
  • Product of Italy


INGREDIENTS: sugar 43%, almonds 41%, water, dietary fiber, icing sugar 6% (sugar - corn starch), egg white , aromas, raising agent: ammonium acid carbonate, salt, preservative : sorbic acid. May contain wheat , soy, milk and other nuts .

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