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The Bee Bros Honey Spread With Cocoa & Strawberry, 10.58 oz | 300g

SKU 5214000075509

The Bee Bros Honey Spread With Cocoa & Strawberry

Thoma & Costa love cocoa, honey and strawberries. But never had them all in one. Honey with Cocoa and Strawberry is rich and creamy in texture. It almost tastes nutty with therichness of cocoa and strawberry aroma.
Destined to be on every breakfast table!

Delicious, because it is made from selected, certified and top quality ingredients.
Natural, because its rigorously organic composition goes through no chemical process, and does not contain additives, colorants, or artificial aromas.

A balance achieved after years of research to create a harmonious recipe, as far as taste and consistency. A recipe that uses only top quality cocoa and exceptional honey.

  • No Palm Oil
  • All Natural Ingredients 
  • Net Weight: 10.58 oz | 300g
  • Product of Greece