Vegeta Marinade Piquant, 300g

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Vegeta Marinade Piquant, 300g

Piquant marinade is intended for all who like the piquant taste, and in a very simple way enabling meals made from meat, fish, goulash, paprikash, vegetable stews and other meals to get that fine spicy flavour and a dose of spiciness. For marinating use Vegeta marinade piquant containing a perfect balance of oil and vinegar, chili, dried peppers, onion, garlic, celery, cumin, oregano, black pepper, coriander, ginger and other ingredients. Only 30 minutes of marinating will suffice. Compliments to the chef are guaranteed.

No Artificial Flavors
No Preservatives

Net Weight: 300g (10.6oz)

Product of Croatia

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